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by Kyle Boas

Analyzing football tactics

High pressing US leaves defensive CBs vulnerable to Netherlands’ counter-attack

December 4, 2023 — First goal for the Netherlands vs US in the 9:30 minute. After an interception Blind retains the ball and gets past the flat 4 in the 1–5–2–2 easily. Adams/Mckennie man-marking Memphis/Klaassen.

Neat passing sequence 3v2 Klaassen/Memphis/Gakpo to break past Adams/Mckennie. US loose shape tracking back. Dest not in any rush to track back to help Musah.

Netherlands work the ball to Dumfries 1v1 Robinson. Adams late to track back to mark Memphis. Zimmerman/Ream/Musah doing a good job trying to maintain structure.

Open space at the back post but Dumfries elects to wait. 2v1 on Zimmerman.

Dumfries holds up the play and waits for Memphis to get in to the perfect spot for an easy shot on goal. All now deep in pen area man-marking front and back post. No marking on Memphis, failed assignment from Adams. Wide open, goal.

Can’t give a player like Depay with that much talent that much space. Robinson and Dest should not have been that high up the pitch. Too exposed at the back.

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