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by Kyle Boas

Analyzing football tactics

I will see him

Kevin-Prince Boateng tells a story from one of his first few training sessions at AC Milan that demonstrates just how good a player Andrea Pirlo was, how good is vision was, and how he wanted his teammates to communicate.

You know in England in training, “Come on, hey! Give me the ball, give me that, give me”, so I come to practice and I’m saying “Hey! Pass me the ball!”

Pirlo after one week takes me to the side and gets one player who speaks English to translate. He said, “Tell him to not shout.” Oh, I was like, what’s he trying to tell me?

Because he said, “If you shouts, even the opponent knows he’s free.” He said, “if he’s free, tell him, I will see him.”

The answer is, don’t speak, communicate with your movement in silence. That is how a world-class creator thinks. “I will see him” is an iconic statement.

You can watch the full “Vibe with Five” interview on Rio Ferdinand’s channel here.

And because you’re now likely nostalgic reading this, here is a Pirlo compilation.

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