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by Kyle Boas

Analyzing football tactics


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Pep Guardiola demonstrates how to orient the body when receiving the ball

Pep Guardiola demonstrates how to orient your body to quickly position yourself so you can quickly play the ball and get a broader vision of the entire pitch.

There is three steps to this fluid movement.

Figure 1.1 - Critical scan, check over his right shoulder, as the ball is passed.

He would perform multiple scans before receiving the ball, and then a critical scan as the ball is kicked. The critical scan’s purpose is to survey the area he wants to move towards, to see how much time he’ll have and pressure he’ll be under.

Figure 1.2 - Stance as the ball is kicked.

His right foot is out, ready to receive the ball. Left foot is pointed towards the passer, in case he needs to turn to his left. The hands and chest pointed half-way towards the space he wants to turn into, to limit the amount of time it takes to make the turn.

Figure 1.3 - Turn and ready to pass.

And then he turns, and his left foot is immediately ready to pass. It’s simple and I love how smooth the transitions are. It’s one fluid move.

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