Tactics Journal

by Kyle Boas

Analyzing football tactics

What I'm reading, watching, and listening to

Here is a list of all the blogs, websites, YouTube channels, and Podcasts I follow to learn more about football and tactics. Everyone on this list I admire and look up to. They gave me the inspiration to write about football.



I’d love to write for all of these websites one day.


Each individual person listed here has their own style and specialty. Most write in English but some post in other languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, etc.



I’m sometimes jealous of the club-specific writers because they can dive so deep into the details of a team, and those mentioned below do.



Charlotte FC

Manchester United



Real Madrid


Thorough analysis into the data. Great resources for visuals.


My go-tos for football and injury news.



These are the books I recommend to everyone who wants to learn about the history of football tactics.


I am very big into consuming information through videos, especially from these accounts.


I’d like to mention that both CBS Sports and NBC Sports offer full 10-15 minute extended highlights an hour or so after each match on their YouTube channels.


Some of these channels have a video out right after a game so be sure to check them all out.

Press Conferences



There are many high quality comp channels but if I am looking through the search results, I’ll click on the ones made by these accounts first.



I have to admit, I’m not a big podcast listener right now. I prefer video and I like listening to music. But if I had the time, and the subject interests me, I’d listen to these Podcasts.


I prefer following individual reporters instead of news organizations because you get to know each individual’s way of writing, and can better gauge where the quality writing is.

X Lists

Curated lists I’ve made to follow X, formerly Twitter accounts. Lists are the best way to filter out the noise.

News Aggregators

This is by all means not a complete list. I’m sorry if I missed adding you. I will continue to add to this. You can find the most up to date version here.

My advice will always be that you must watch a lot of games to gain a better understanding. I have learned everything I know through playing and watching football.

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