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Inter from left centre-back to right centre-back

Inter use their outside center-backs, Yann Bisseck and Alessandro Bastoni, to stretch Bologna’s second line. This not only opens space between the lines but it also pins their defense back, making Bologna less of a threat on the counter.

Figure 1.1 - Yann Bisseck and Alessandro Bastoni push wide up the field opening space central.
Figure 1.2 - Space in front of the second line because Bologna are pushed back.

Bologna would be able to pack the middle of the pitch if Bisseck and Bastoni stayed back in their normal outside center-back positions.

As Bisseck and Bastoni move wide, this draws Bologna’s left and right midfielder out to mark them.

When Bisseck makes this run into the box, that midfielder that should be clogging the middle of the pitch is now having to follow him. If Bologna were to win back the ball, now they’re down one less man in attack.

Figure 1.3 - Alessandro Bastoni crosses towards the back post.
Figure 1.4 - Yann Bisseck heads the ball in for the goal.

Inter manager Simone Inzaghi on this goal:

A goal from left centre-back to right centre-back? It’s a great satisfaction for me and my coaching staff. Once upon a time we were talking about a goal from wingback to wingback, but now with the centre-backs? It’s incredible.

Are we going to go out for dinner for scoring a goal from left centre-back to right centre-back? More than just once. We will have to find the time. These players are giving me great satisfaction.

And Alessandro Bastoni can pick out a pass like no other center-back in world football. He could not have weighted or placed that pass to Bisseck any better.

A lot of Inter’s best chances come from those wide center-backs, when they either make runs in the half-spaces or move wide to play passes to players advanced within the half-space.

The central center-back, Francesco Acerbi, stays back, two midfielders drop back to cover for Bastoni and Bisseck, and then they attack wide to then play the ball to a player within a half-space.

Match: Bologna 0-1 Inter, 9 March 2024

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