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by Kyle Boas

Analyzing football tactics

The Bournemouth Red-Tailed Boa

July 28, 2023 — Bournemouth’s counter-press is already sharper under new manager Andoni Iraola, with tight man-marking mixed with constricting curved runs from the forwards to limit options.

Figure 1.1 - The ball is passed to the left center-back, Shea Charles. Bournemouth man-mark.
Figure 1.2 - Bournemouth tightens their marking spacing once the ball is received.
Figure 1.3 - Dominic Solanke curves his press to shadow cover the right center-back. Shea Charles attempts a pass to a player on the far side with pressure from Ryan Christie.

Dominic Solanke curving his press is akin to a red-tailed boa constricting upon its prey. There are no places for Shea Charles to turn. He must kick it long, which is the smart option, or attempt the risky pass.

He attempts the risky pass, and Southampton pay.

Figure 1.4 - Jaidon Anthony makes a tackle to intercept the pass.
Figure 1.5 - Bournemouth wins the ball, and Dominic Solanke passes to Ryan Christie who is free in space.
Figure 1.6 - Ryan Christie scores.

Philip Billing and Dango Ouattara patrol on the edges with Ryan Christie central in the pocket of space. If Christie’s shot gets blocked, those two are there to shoot from range.

Figure 2.1 - Andoni Iraola talking to new Southampton manager Russell Martin.

You will be seeing a lot of content from many about Bournemouth because of Andoni Iraola. He brings a lot of new unique ideas, like his obsession with playing on the wide areas, racking up throw-ins.

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