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by Kyle Boas

Analyzing football tactics

Swansea City goalkeeper coach Marty Margetson details training with Carl Rushworth

Swansea City goalkeeper coach Marty Margetson explains how he used video analysis and repetition to train Carl Rushworth, improving his ability to ‘know where his hands are’, working on ‘knee bend’, and ‘static diving’, among many other smaller details.

Goalkeeper is the most interesting position to me, they have my respect. There is so much nuance to what they do. The position of their body, the way they plant their feet, the way they shuffle their feet, where they place their hands before the shot, what portion of the hand makes contact with the ball, how much power to parry.

You can practice through repetition to prepare to react in the game, but it is still reacting. It is not predictable, every save is slightly different.

It is great that Swansea City gave us this access.

There are many tiny factors that are hidden because most wouldn’t know what to look for. I would imagine it is incredibly mentally draining because they can’t make a mistake. Make a mistake, and you concede.

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