Tactics Journal

by Kyle Boas

Analyzing football tactics

People laughed at Johan Cruyff when he started using possession play at Barcelona

It’s great for the innovators to have theories, but if the early adopters can’t win, then it will never be adopted by the majority. The tactic needs results. Johan Cruyff knows this from when he started using possession play at Barcelona in 1988.

Johan Cruyff discussing where the term “tiki-taka” came from:

Tiki-taka — That’s something like this where we play the ball as quick as possible, and these sorts of things. When we started in Barcelona (in 1988) to do possession play.

It’s the responsibility of the ball, where you play, how you play — controlling the ball is the basis of football.

In the beginning, that was something people laughed about because they didn’t understand that it was football. Until it had the results and people enjoyed it, people loved it, and now it’s a fantastic world.

Europe is going through a cycle now with the implementation of principles from relational play, and until there’s results, silverware, everyone will to continue to stick to what works.

The top teams need to be prepared for it to work and take over.

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