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by Kyle Boas

Analyzing football tactics

Brighton's beautiful team goal

September 17, 2023 — Brighton scored one of the cleanest team goals I’ve seen in the past year against Manchester United.

Figure 1.1 - Jan Paul van Hecke passes to Danny Welbeck

Brilliant from van Hecke to pick out this pass to Danny Welbeck, who has dropped back from his center-forward position, a move Welbeck often likes to make.

Figure 1.2 - Danny Welbeck passes to Pascal Gross and then to Joel Veltman
Figure 1.3 - Simon Adingra drives wide as Lisandro Martinez is pinned to Danny Welbeck

Smart from Joel Veltman to pass to Danny Welbeck instead of Simon Adingra. Most would make the pass to Adingra but the pass to Welbeck pins Lisandro Martinez, opening space for Adingra wide.

Figure 1.4 - Danny Welbeck passes Simon Adingra
Figure 1.5 - Adam Lallana runs ahead of Danny Welbeck as Simon Adingra crosses towards the penalty spot
Figure 1.6 - Adam Lallana dummies the ball allowing it to roll to Danny Welbeck who is unmarked

This is when you know this is direct from the training ground. Remarkable awareness from Adam Lallana to dummy the ball.

Unsure why Casemiro doesn’t pick up Danny Welbeck, as he’s completely free. The only man unmarked, it should be Casemiro’s responsibility to follow the center-forward when they drop if a center-back doesn’t pick them up.

Figure 1.7 - Danny Welbeck slots it past Andre Onana to his right below his glove

Nothing Andre Onana can do to stop that shot.

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