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Iraola praises Bournemouth analysts during demanding midweek

Andoni Iraola speaking with the Daily Echo detailing how Bournemouth prepared in the two days between the match against Aston Villa on Sunday, and the Wolves match on Wednesday.

We review on the bus. We start to go with the report from the next opposition. You don’t have time. You play in the afternoon. The next morning you have video with the players, you have to prepare the video well about the next opponent. You have to see some games. Sometimes you watch some games before you play the next game.

Normally the analysts go before us, they are already preparing for Brighton. We go a little bit later and then the players go after us. It’s a process we are improving and getting better, because you have to be really well prepared.

Also, you have to prepare really well with the tactics, with the video because you cannot spend legs outside, because you have to just recover. I always say for us it is very difficult, for the players it is very difficult, but for the analysts, probably every time we play midweek, it becomes really, really demanding.

It is beautiful that he is acknowledging the hard work of the analysts, but it frustrates me that teams, during a season, aren’t given appropriate time to rest and train, to develop and implement new ideas. There’s no safe space to train, you train during the game.

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