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by Kyle Boas

Analyzing football tactics

Ange Postecoglu's Tottenham passing exercises

Here is a fantastic video breakdown by Raumdeuter13 of the passing drills used in an Ange Postecoglu training session at Tottenham this season and how they are applied in a game.

Video credit to Raumdeuter13

I like the third man drills, especially the one-touch version. Watching this you get a better understanding of why Tottenham looks ultra-coordinated in possession.

It’s easy to try to look for the problem in a match, but the problem is created days prior. The patterns we see in a match are a direct result of training, adapted to fit the next opponent.

The solution is an idea, ‘this player should do this next time’, but a different drill that can be applied in a match is the fix. Without the practice, the match will be disjointed because the players need to get their timing down beforehand.

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