Tactics Journal

by Kyle Boas

Analyzing football tactics

Thank You For Reading

Last December, I started writing about football. I watch a lot of football but I have never coached. I have no experience in “analyzing football tactics.” This is you watching me learn. You choose to read my thoughts, and I thank you for that!

To think you can go from watching matches by yourself to sharing those same thoughts with thousands of people. That’s special.

When I’m writing, I’m talking to the person who wants a higher level understanding of what is happening. Maybe they watched the game and didn’t understand what happened, or they watched, but I’m there to point out something. And then you take that bit of information into the next match.

I don’t pretend to be an expert. Anyone can do what I’m doing with time. You see something interesting, write it down, and share it. Someone will take value from it.

It’s especially cool to see those with professional experience that follow, from all levels of the game. What is that experience if you don’t get feedback though? I welcome feedback from anyone; email me any tips you have to kyle@tacticsjournal.com.

My goal for next year is to do some freelance writing. I have a thing set up on here where I can redirect a link to an outside website. It’ll post here and to all of my social medias. If you want me to write for you, email me kyle@tacticsjournal.com. One rule is that I don’t work with betting companies; I’d have to politely decline.

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