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Planning warm-ups with Pep Guardiola

July 15, 2023 — Manchester City fitness coach Lorenzo Buenaventura recalls how they base upcoming warm-ups around future opponents at the direction of Pep Guardiola.

Video and translation courtesy of Juani Jimena on Twitter.

The main point from the video being how they plan a warm-up based on the next game.

“If our next rival will park the bus and we won’t have spaces, he doesn’t see the point of doing certain exercises in the warm-up on those days. Even in that detail is Pep Guardiola. He’s involving all of us in the next game, that is teamwork.

I have to ask Carlos, Pep’s assistant, how Leverkusen defends, what we will find ourselves in the next game. Are we going to have to make passes and movements to spaces? Ok, so in the warm-up of those days, we will do movement exercises to the spaces.”

It’s not only the rotation within the lineups game to game, it’s the little details like this that allow the team to properly recover.

Buenaventura joined Guardiola at Barcelona in 2008 and followed him along to Bayern Munich, and then Manchester City.

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