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Philadelphia's Standing Ovation for Trea Turner

It is not possible for players to succeed in an environment where fans are gratified by their downfall. That feeling that you’re allowed to make a mistake is necessary. Fans can learn from the story of Trea Turner and the Philadelphia Phillies’ fans.

Baseball player Trea Turner was in a slump, both at bat and in the outfield, for the Philadelphia Phillies. Getting booed every game. The Philly Captain, a prominent voice within the fanbase, saw that he was in a rough period and asked the fans to give Trea a standing ovation the next time he was at bat.

The fans responded by giving him several repeated ovations at each at bat, and with each cheer from the crowd he grew in confidence. This one act from the fans turned his season around. All he needed was confidence because he had a history of performing well prior.

Certain football team’s fans should emulate this.

Everyone gets caught up in the emotions when they are watching their team and see a player, or players, struggling. Every fan wants their team to perform well. If a team is underperforming, we want to find out who is the cause and then get that player off the pitch, out of the club. I do it, you do it, everyone does it. Too much of that is bad though.

It is easier to perform well when you’re surrounded by people that want you to succeed.

When you can feel the crowd waiting for a mistake, you become timid. You are not confident, afraid to express yourself. That same mistake you made several times prior, they are waiting. Jeering every error until you are a shell of the player you once were.

Look at what it meant to Trea Turner. “Yeah, thought it was pretty f***** cool.” A giant weight has been lifted off his shoulders. Now his mind can settle and he can feel comfortable knowing if he makes that mistake, no one will be happy, but the fans won’t be laughing along with the away fans. He wants to pay those fans back for giving him that support.

Do this for your players and not immediately, but with enough time, most will repay you with good performances. If not, at least you gave them the opportunity to succeed. At minimum, they should return to the form they had prior.

The environment needs to be one where they aren’t afraid, are never timid, always willing to take risks. Confident.

Having high expectations is good but if the fans cannibalize the player’s confidence the team will never perform to the level needed to reach those expectations.

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